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          HPT XS LOGO T恤 0030930 0030931 0030932 0030933

          型號:0030930 0030931 0030932 0030933

          尺寸:S M L XL



            Functional T-Shirts are great for sports. Regular T-Shirts are great for your everyday life. The HEIMPLANET COOLEVER T-Shirts combine the best of both. Thanks to the unique COOLEVER technology moisture is immediately absorbed and transported away from the body. This ensures a pleasant feeling on the skin and protects your body from heating up or cooling down too much. The blend of cotton, polyester and spandex creates a great wearing comfort and dries much faster than regular T-Shirts. This effect also let's the T-Shirt dry much faster after washing and creates a lot less wrinkles. Easy to wear and easy to handle, perfect for travels and every day.

            功能性T恤很適合運動。 普通T恤衫非常適合你的日常生活。 HEIMPLANET COOLEVER T恤衫結合了兩者的優點。 由于獨特的COOLEVER技術,水分立即被吸收并從身體運走。 這確保了皮膚愉快的感覺,并保護您的身體免受過度加熱或冷卻。 棉,滌綸和氨綸的混紡創造出極佳的穿著舒適度,并比普通T恤干得快得多。 這種效果也可以讓T恤在洗完后干得快得多,并且減少皺紋。 易于佩戴和易于操作,非常適合旅行和每一天。